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Our calendars are quickly filling, Monsoon is here. Monsoon’s are so beautiful. looking out of the window on the green grasses with water droplets, while sipping a hot cup of coffee is something exciting. Isn’t it? To me, the fragrance of wet lands, clean greens, playful kids, chirping birds, rain dances and some delicious foods vibrate with the joyfulness of rainy season. Monsoon brings happiness to millions of people. June-July is the month of monsoon where we need to change our wardrobe. Monsoon is a season with humidity so the clothing of this season should be absorbent. This season is all about the flexible and Modern dresses, dresses which are light but whose effects are strong. Some fabric that can resist the blotch and dry quickly like cotton, silk, chiffon, denim etc. Best part of the monsoon is we all love to play in rain, but it creates lots of problems with our clothing, unpleasantness with lack of sunshine during rainy days. When it rains laundry problems pours, buying washing machine is a best decision as it is long lasting investment. My suggestion is to go with semi automated washing machine from amazon India.