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ROSWELL, GA – JUNE 26, 2019 – Roswell-based iSmile Dental utilizes dental implants to replace missing teeth, providing an alternative to dentures.
ISmile specializes in providing quality and affordable dental services to the whole family. The dental clinic led by Alla Alpert DDS prides itself on using the latest in dental technology and state-of-the-art equipment to keep patients’ smiles beautiful.
That includes dental implants, considered a revolutionary way to restore teeth. Traditional dentures may be a good fit for many patients but are not for everyone. They can lead to complaints including slipping out of place while speaking or eating. They can also promote tooth decay if not fitted properly.
Dental implants are replacement teeth implanted surgically into the jawbone. Commonly used when only one or two teeth are missing, they are also an alternative when several teeth are missing as long as the patients’ gums and jaw are healthy.
Titanium metal, often used for knee and hip replacement surgery, enables dentists like Alpert to provide top-quality results while replacing teeth. Bone fuses with the biocompatible metal, producing a comfortable set of long-term teeth.
ISmile Dental strives to keep prices affordable by handling every aspect of the dental implant. The dental clinic does not refer patients to other dental practices and sources material from the United States rather than expensive imports from European countries.
“Consider iSmile if you prefer an affordable way to restore your smile,” said Alpert. “That’s one of the ways we take care of you and your family.”
Russia-born Alpert graduated from the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine in 2002. She moved to the Atlanta area after completing a general practice residency and esthetic dentistry continuum program.
“I believe educating patients and preventing disease are the best ways we can keep smiles healthy and beautiful,” she said. “I remain committed to utilizing the most advanced technology to treat and educate my patients.”
Her friendly and caring staff assist in making patients feel relaxed and at ease. Potential patients can learn about the clinic and download new patient forms by visiting the website.
ISmile Dental encourages area residents in need of care to schedule a consultation and learn more about what the clinic offers.
For more information, visit its website at or call 678-297-3992.