Beverly Hills, California- June 26, 2019- Beverly Hills Periodontal Institute is pleased to announce its dental implant services. With dental implants, patients can enjoy a more comfortable and permanent solution to replacing missing teeth.

Dental implants can be used to restore a smile, no matter how many teeth are missing. Implants can be used for one tooth, three teeth, or an entire missing arch. They can be made from durable materials including Titanium or Zirconia, which, when appropriately placed, will last a patient a lifetime.

A dental implant isn’t what other’s see; it is a post placed directly into the jawbone and holds a dental restoration either a crown, bridge, or denture. Depending on the person’s unique situation, will determine how many implants would be needed. Typically a single missing tooth will require just one implant and crown to fill the gap. Whereas, a full arch replacement can be done with four dental implants and an implant-supported overdenture.

While dental implants are completely safe, and the procedure is relatively painless, it does require a skilled dentist or oral surgeon to perform. Owner and lead periodontist of Beverly Hills Periodontal Institute, Miles Madison, DDS has over 25 years of experience as a periodontist. His dental office specializes in periodontics, periodontal plastic surgery, and the most recent addition, implant surgery. Dr. Miles Madison has said, “I will always use the most advanced and premium dental implants that are available. I will not use the lower tier dental implant brands because I have seen too many unfortunate mishaps and failures with poor quality implants.” about his commitment to using only the best dental implants possible, to ensure optimal results for his patients.

Dental implants are suitable for anyone that desires a fuller smile, due to missing teeth. However, there are instances where some individuals may not be a good candidate right away. If it is determined jaw bone quality is compromised, additional procedures may be required, such as a bone graft. For this reason, it is essential to choose a practitioner that has the experience, offers jawbone restoration, and is committed to staying up to date on the latest procedures.

As one of the top-rated periodontists in Beverly Hills, CA, Dr. Miles Madison is proud to offer the latest innovations in dentistry, including dental implants. Beverly Hils Periodontal Institute has a wide range of services that help their patient have beautiful, healthy smiles.

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