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Main & Associates is the OHS management system and solution providing company, founded by Steve Main. Being experts in OH&S Risk Management, the team of specialists and experienced consultants available are acclaimed for providing managing and consulting services to a wide range of industries, small, medium and large organisations, since past 30+ years.

If you are worried about Workplace Health and Safety, Safesystem will make you feel relaxed. The experienced Safety Consultants from Melbourne can help you in incorporating metrics into your security and safety management plans, which can thereby help you in making more informed decision making. It’s because of their expertise and minute attention towards details, that the professionals at Safesystem have proficiently earned the reputation of safeguarding the business of their clients at all times, thereby helping them save time and money.

OHS Australia Safe System is actively involved in preventing disruptive mishaps leading to injuries and posing as a hurdle in employee health and organization productivity.

The team of specialists and experienced safety consultants at this online portal are experts in OH&S Risk Management. No matter, whether you are small, medium or large scale business entrepreneurs, the professionals available online at this company can tailor and strategize the specific OH&S systems and develop compliant processes as per your requirements. Through the Occupational Health & Safety Compliance – OHS compliance, Safe System focuses on trying to turn manual handling tasks into mechanical ones and assessments of the tasks at any given business to determine whether they can be done in a safe manner.


OHS consultant Steve Main with over 30 years of experience offers compliance audit to wide range of industries, small, medium and large organizations. As a leading risk management company engages experts in OH&S Risk Management to provide customized and strategically specific OH&S systems for businesses and develop compliant processes that saves them time, money and eliminates risk.