Elision Technolab LLP is a leading VoIP company that offers unified communication solutions to the customers. One of the most renowned solutions offered by the company is its call center solution. The company has announced to offer the call center solution for customer care centers. The company has developed a ready to use call center software which is furnished with the features to benefit the customer care centers.

“We have one of the best call center solutions, popularly known as, Dialshree. We have developed this solution in a way that can meet the communication needs of the customer care centers. Moreover, it will improve and enhance the way customer care centers operate. By using this call center software, any call center can leverage many benefits”, shared spokesperson of the company.

The spokesperson of the company also shared a complete list of features offered by this call center solution to the customer care centers. This shared list of features is listed below:

• Dashboard
• Campaign management
• Lead management
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System
• Multi level Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System
• Advanced call distribution
• Average talk time
• Average hold time
• After call work
• Sticky agent
• Skill based call routing
• Longest idle agent based call routing
• Live call monitoring
• Call recording
• Whisper
• Barge-in
• Conference
• Call intervention
• Call snooping
• Graphical reports
• Callback
• Call scheduler
• Voicemail
• Do not Disturb call control
• SIP line support
• PRI line support
• Web based interface
• Call logs
• Abandoned call report
• Live agent monitoring
• And more

The company shared that its call center solution covers all features to touch different operations in the call center. Along with the features related to the call quality assurance and inbound call monitoring, the company also provides features related to outbound calling, especially, a complete range of dialers:

• Auto dialer
• Manual dialer
• Predictive dialer
• Power dialer
• Progressive dialer

All these dialers can be used to run outbound campaigns to collect feedback from the customers to assure they enjoy the service of the company. The company also provides an add-on of Survey and Feedback that can be integrated in the call center solution. The benefit of this add-on is that feedback collection can get easier with this system.

As per the shared details, the company has been making development in this call center solution to make it perfect for any scaled customer care center. The company provides its call center software to its worldwide customers.

About Elision Technolab LLP

It is a VoIP company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The company also has its branch offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Mexico, and the USA. The call center software is one of the offerings of the company. To know more details about it, please visit https://www.elisiontec.com/contact-center-solution