Uttarakhand, 19th June: No words can ever be enough to perfectly describe the blessed land of Uttarakhand. The incredulous variety of experiences – both spiritual and sensory goes beyond any language or dialect. Lakhs of people come to this place from across the world to be surrounded by nature.

Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board wants to promote Homestay s in State. In Order to promote Homestay s in Uttarakhand, Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board will give free space to registered Homestay in their upcoming events on a rotation basis and on first come first basis.
Homestay is the best way to experience the famed Himalayan hospitality of Uttarakhand. A Homestay is, staying in someone’s home as a paying guest for a short duration where the guests are provided with budget-friendly accommodation and services by individual family and the local community.
People from Uttarakhand are simple and warm and follow the ancient Vedic tradition of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ or ‘Guests are God’ and they welcome their guests with open arms and offer personalized care and services.
There are thousands of registered Homestays available district-wise in this heavenly state of India, where one explores rural locality full of splendid natural surroundings, enjoy the local culture, cuisine, and explore hidden spots by the help of native people.
Come and savor the quintessential cultural immersion with Homestays. The options and services are many and diverse. You can choose from living in ancient wooden ‘Havelis’, heritage buildings, village huts to contemporary residences. Take home some precious memories. Choose from the list of Homestays available in different districts and maximize your holiday experience!