Bangkok, Thailand – 24 June 2019 – Top Best Brand proposes a list of top 10 clinics, which could easily assure the nicest chance for people to get rid of skin problems using Ulthera. For those who would want to find a reliable clinic with reasonable prices, there is a chance to make use of the Top Best Brand advice.


Ulthera System – over the past 10 years, modern hardware cosmetology is increasingly competing with plastic surgery. Millions of people want to look young, but only a few percent resort to the help of plastic surgeons, because of the risks associated with the operation. In medicine, they increasingly prefer withdrawal from surgical interventions in the direction of hardware technologies. Altera / Ulthera is a technique that was created for everyone who is not ready to decide on plastic surgery, but would like to significantly tighten the skin. Ulthera System – the first device certified by the US FDA in the section “lifting”. This is the only procedure, the effect of which is directed not on the skin, but on the underlying muscular aponeurotic layer).


With age, changes in the collagen fibres occur not only in the skin, but also in the superficial muscular aponeurotic layer, which leads to the loss of its function of the facial framework. Under the action of gravity, the collagen fibres are stretched and the superficial muscular-aponeurotic system moves downward. There are such changes in the face as the blurred contours of the facial contours, the appearance of excess tissue under the chin, the omission of eyebrows. These are the so-called gravitational changes, and they cannot be eliminated, acting only at the level of the skin. Ultrasonic effects are well studied and widely used in all areas of medicine. People trust ultrasound because it is widely used and almost devoid of side effects. The safety of the technique is confirmed by clinical trials. Ultrasonic SMAS lifting technology has received FDA approval in the lifting section, which characterizes this procedure as effective and safe.


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