Aurora cannabis the Canadian pot stock saw huge popularity and growth in the first quarter of 2019, more than doubling its share price by the middle of March, however since then Aurora has given back almost half of its huge gains. However it would be unwise to think that Aurora has given it’s all just yet, with the company continuing to increase their momentum in the legal recreational cannabis market in Canada, and also the international Medical market. It is more than possible for Aurora to surpass its high of March if the right steps are put in place. Below are the catalysts for the company to skyrocket we are waiting for.
So far in the cannabis sector, we have seen many big brand names partake in partnerships with cannabis companies, from Constellation Brands investment into Canopy Growth, to Altria’s huge investment in Cronos Group, however it would seem that Aurora has been overlooked, however that could be about to change. In March Aurora brought on board Nelson Peltz, the billionaire investor to assist the company in finding partnerships, and Peltz has the history and the connections to make that possible for them.

The one thing that could potentially hold back Aurora from such an investment is that the company are not looking to receive big equity investments like Canopy or Cronos, but if the company changed their stance, and found a large investor looking to make a big investment, then that could very well propel the share price to new highs, in a very short period of time. The good news is that even a partnership without a sizeable equity investment, by a high profile company outside the cannabis industry could be the fuel the company needs.
Another potential scenario which could cause huge growth in not only Aurora but many other cannabis companies, is changes in the federal laws and regulations surrounding cannabis in the US. Hemp, which is a strain of cannabis plant, is legal in the United States however the more useful and sought after cannabis plants are not. And as long as the laws and regulations stay this way, Aurora will not be able to utilize the US cannabis market without forfeiting its listing on the NYSE.
However what seems to be happening slowly is that those laws are starting to change, and if significant progress is made towards changing the laws surrounding cannabis in the US, the majority of cannabis stocks would get a monumental boost. Aurora is known as one of Canada’s highest producers of cannabis by weight, and a relaxation of cannabis laws would open the floodgates for the company to start importing their high grade cannabis products into the US.

The good news for Aurora and other cannabis companies in Canada and the US, is that there is currently a higher level of support for the federal legalization of cannabis than ever before, and we believe that it is only a matter of time before officials and law makers pass a bill to make legalization happen.

Edward Yang – IEC International