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If you are working in a garage, you know very well how tough it is to remove grease stains from clothes. So here New York Dry Cleaning service is offering some of the best tips.

As mentioned, the fresh grease stain can be more easily removed from the clothing than the dried-up one. If the mishap has just happened, the stain can be quickly washed out with soap and hot water.

For this purpose, the garment is removed and the soap, preferably liquid soap is generously spread with a finger on the grease stain. The stained area is then kept under as hot water as possible. However, the care instructions of the manufacturer must not be disregarded. After treatment with hot soapy water, the garment is washed in the washing machine as usual.

A misfortune seldom comes alone, the greasy stain usually gets on your clothes when there is no sink or soap around. But even then the fresh spot with a little patience can be fairly eliminated. As a help this time paper tissues, which are always at hand.

To remove the stain, the handkerchief is gently but steadily painted on the stain from outside to inside. To avoid rubbing the grease further into the fabric, the pressure should not be too strong. With a hazelnut-sized stain, it takes about five minutes for the tissue to absorb so much grease that the stain is only very pale. However, once a washing machine is within reach, the garment should be washed as hot as possible to remove any remaining grease.

If you do not notice the stain immediately, you will have to end up with a dried grease stain later. Now, the fat cannot be absorbed with a tissue, because it has already penetrated deep into the fabric fiber. To remove an old grease stain, the fat must be loosened. This is best done with blotting paper and an iron. Ideally, a blotting paper instead of blotting paper can also be used kitchen crepe placed under the grease stain and a blotting paper over it.

Then the iron is switched on but remembers it should not be too hot. And it is ironed over the upper paper until the grease has separated from the textile fiber and was absorbed by the paper. After treatment with the iron, the garment should be cleaned at the usual washing temperature in the washing machine.

If you are still not able to remove grease stains from the clothes, the best option is to use the New York Dry Cleaning service.