In this way, continues trying to make its place in the powerful Gmail, but the truth is that if we use some of Google’s services, the normal thing is that we end up hooking up with Gmail and leaving aside.

Today, it is still possible to create a Hotmail email account, although that is, the way to manage it is through To create a new account the first thing we need to do is go to and follow the steps below.

First of all, choose our alias or username for the Hotmail email account and indicate that we want to create the new account with the extension Once you’ve done this, the next thing you’ll be asked to do is enter your first and last name, region, and date of birth.

Next, we must indicate a telephone number to which we will be sent a verification code to complete the process of creating the Hotmail email account and later we will be able to access our inbox and start using the new email account from

How to recover an old Hotmail account

Although it’s been many years since Microsoft left Hotmail’s name behind to baptize its free webmail service with, the truth is that if you have an old Hotmail email account, you can still use it. If you have a Hotmail account but can’t remember your password, we show you the steps to follow to recover it.

First of all, access the login page from this link and indicate the address of our Hotmail account. Then we will be asked for the password, but as we do not remember it, click on the option I forgot my password. This will open a new window with the process of recovering your Hotmail account by resetting your password.

To do this, we’ll need to enter the security code and then prove to Microsoft that we own that Hotmail email account. To do this, we’ll need to enter a security code that we can receive at our alternate email address or by SMS to the mobile associated with the account. Then we can indicate the new password we want to use to access our old Hotmail account and reconfirm it to change it. If all goes well, we’ll be shown a message indicating that the account has been successfully recovered.

If, on the other hand, we do not remember either the alternative email account we gave at the time or the mobile number associated with it, we can check the option I do not have any of these proofs to confirm identity. In this case, Microsoft will ask us to provide a contact email address that will tell us what steps to take to recover your old Hotmail account. For more visit

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