In the past, carpets were made with regional wool that was obtained from sheep coming from their own farms. Nowadays imported wool is used and of course, great qualitative differences must be reported.

In particular the thin carpets, for example, are produced with cork wool, which is very soft and is obtained from the neck of the sheep. To the production with wool, the one with cotton is added. But the truly precious rugs are often made with silk. The rare silk carpets of the Iranian Ghom region have great renown, which reaches high prices and amaze their lovers.

Models and colors:

There is a myriad of colors and patterns of antique Persian rugs. The traditional models are with ornaments or floral or geometric designs, which are then surrounded by a frame.

The most common and easy to find are those with the central medallion. Some of the most popular models are Herati, a rhombus that contains a rose or Both, which is similar to a curved mandala, the complete chromatic spectrum is found on oriental carpets.

The traditional red, blue and beige tones. The original rugs are colored using an elaborate process using natural materials. Those synthetic colors, on the other hand, are used for the production of the economic variant of oriental rugs and have a lower intensity of color.

The original Persians are not only distinguished by their resistance and durability but also by the fantastic and vivid colors.

How do I recognize an authentic oriental carpet?

Trust only in Authentic Persian Rugs Store as they provide guarantee certificates. Also, you can see the carpet closely, are there any flaws? If so, it is a clue that this is an authentic Oriental rug.

Carpets made industrially are mostly flawless. In addition, the fringes of the cheaper rugs are sewn to the end another clue of authenticity are the differences in the width of a carpet.

The manually knotted Persian and Oriental rugs show differences along the width. This essentially depends on the handwork that lasts for months and a look at the back of the carpet says a lot about its quality. Thus, on hand-knotted carpets, you can count how many knots there are per square meter.

On the basis of this measure, the subtlety and also the relative costs and value of an oriental carpet can be determined. And to be even more confident, get advice from a salesman who has experience in the industry and isn’t a novice so you can direct yourself to the purchase in the best way. It is advisable to buy only from Best Oriental Rugs Store.