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MUNECHEN, GERMANY (June 22, 2019) – Ben.Design, which is a corporate design company that designs logos, graphics, websites, UI/ UX, products among other things have recently stepped their foot in by launching their first designs for an international book publishing company called Genuine Book Publications, which is an international publication house that have a base set up in the United States but also have extended their businesses to many other countries like China, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and many more.

The basic aim of a multi-national publication house in extending their business to many other countries to be able to publish more authentic and regional books and the like which will enable their reader to connect to them and hence help the business grow. By joining hands with Ben.Design, Genuine Book Publications have become successful in creating a website and a logo more suitable, attractive and regional to the people of Germany.

The website designed by Ben.Design was designed by a group of web designer and grafiker munchen that has more knowledge and experience in attraction the attention of the people towards the web page. The logo, designed by Ben.Design for Genuine Book Publications is such a symbol that all German folk will be able to connect to. On and on, the launch of the web page and the logo by Ben.Design is anticipated to become a huge success in setting the base of a multi-national publishing in Germany.

About Ben.Design:

Ben.Design is a corporate design studio, an advertising agency, a design agency as well as an internet agency. They are a group of individuals who believe in creativity and the power that it holds. It has been designing logos, graphics, web pages, UI/ UX, products among other things in Germany and has the kind of experience that speaks volumes about the standard of the work they do. They are a combination of a lot of intelligent and creative heads that have formed this company in the spring of 2009.

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