The styles of furniture and what’s fashionable have been evolving and home decor enthusiasts have always been embracing new trends with great fervour. From oversized sofas to cosy bean bags, living room decors then and now vary vastly and people are more towards buying versatile pieces rather than considering only aesthetics. In this respect, a pouffe is a great piece of furniture that can be used as a footstool, a coffee table or just as an impromptu seat. It has become a must-have element for both sophisticated and quirky decor lovers. Despite the fact that footstools have always been a part of most o the homes with more furniture makers making their way in the industry, footstools, all in all, has attained a whole new dimension. Speaking of pouffes and ottomans without mentioning the heritage brand Footstools&more is not justified. This UK-based company has literally transformed the purpose of buying a footstool.
A pouffe or an ottoman from Footstools&more and more can seamlessly five your home an elegant makeover while savouring its unparallel utilities. No matter you want to add a splash of youthful touch to your space, the fabric drum stool available in vibrant colours is a fascinating alternative to a cushy bean bag. It exudes playful idea in both kids’ and adults’ spaces. The short cube footstool range available at Footstools&more is a great substitute to a glass or wooden coffee table. The even top base and it is soft yet hard wearing makes it a great coffee table. You can also centre it between the side chairs to hold books and magazines, place some small decorative pieces and more.
If you lack space and instead want to deck up any space with a pouffe, Footstools&more has some amazing range of storage footstools. They are stylish yet powered with practical features. Be it your children’s toys, DVDs or some extra stuff, a storage ottoman can effortlessly accommodate additional goods. Footstools&more also provide a tailor-made option for their customers.