Mercure Hyderabad KCP organised a special yoga session on the occasion of the International Yoga Day in association with AP Maheshwari YuvaSangathan. Ms.Vandhana Lahoti, Mrs Telangana graced the event along withMs. Jyoti Jashnavi the yoga trainer who curated the session for the members, guests and employees of Mercure.

Mercure Hyderabad KCP undertook this initiative to help people adopt a healthy lifestyle and incorporate Yoga in their daily schedule and follow a peaceful living. Ms Jyotithought various breathing techniques which would in turn help one in Oxidation of nearly 72,000 body nerves. These techniques help in curing insomnia, migraine, paralysis and increase blood circulation. Post session; guests were served breakfast which was specially curated by Chef Dipak Adhikari.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Soumitra Pahari, General Manager, Mercure Hyderabad KCP said “Mercure Hyderabad KCP always promote work-life balance amongst our stakeholders and employees. We are extremely happy to host such session which emphasises the importance of healthy lifestyle and yoga in our day to day life. We would like to thank Ms. VandanaLahoti, Ms. JyotiJashnavi, members of AP Maheshwari YuvaSangathan and all the participants for making this event successful”