Price of designer shoes may continue to rise, but Cicilookshop aims to make fashion accessories affordable for all. Recently, the online store launched huge collection of beautiful high heel shoes and flat shoes for women.

USA, 19th June

Cicilookshop, an online fashion store that sells fashionable accessories and apparels for women, recently unveiled a large collection of beautiful high heel shoes for women. The owners described it as an attempt to encourage more women to buy fashionable shoes. They added that all the products featured on the store are priced below forty US dollars.

“We are aware that many fashion-conscious women hesitate to go shopping online as they think that fashionable shoes must be super expensive. However, the products we have added recently to our online store are priced way below the standard market price, which we think would be a big reason for the fashionable women to buy cheap high heel shoes”, said a sales officer of Cicilookshop during a recent press conference.

Adding to it, the sales officer announced that a summer sale has started as a part of their summer stock clearance campaign. He said that buyers can enjoy a flat discount on all purchases by buying apparels and accessories from the store during the sale.

“Buyers may have to use a certain coupon code to unlock certain special offers. Details of the latest offers can be found on our website”, added the officer during the press conference.

Apart from high heel shoes, the online store has also launched a huge selection of stylish flat shoes for women. The owners said that many of the new arrivals have already secured a place among the top selling items. They also maintained that the ongoing discounts and special offers, year-round low down prices apart, have taken a major role in attracting and retaining their customers.

The CEO of Cicilookshop also spared a few words on his company’s future plans and objectives. “We want to make Cicilookshop into a one-stop destination for all those fashionable women out there. Competitive pricing is just a part of our market strategy, but shopping on our store should be fun and pleasantly surprising too”, he said during the press conference. He also added that more fashionable shoes would be added to the product line in July.

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Ciciclookshop is a popular online fashion store.

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