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Swati Soaps was established n the year 1991 by Dr.N.L.Murty, a leading scientist and soap technologist. Dr.Murty was the head of the R&D of the Tata oil mills ltd. Mumbai. He has over 50 years of experience & has been a consultant to may Indian and African companies. Swati Soaps is one of te leading manufactures, suppliers and exporters of toilet soaps. The company has a versatile infrastructural setup with modern machineries, latest production techniques, and product sevelopment”know how” to successfully meet the varied product requirements of our clients. Quintessence and swadeshi natures products are part of the Swati Soaps. Inspired by alternate medicines such as Ayurveda, and looking at the growing demand for quality natural products, we have launched our brand of soaps, and other beauty & healthcare products under the brand name”Flower Of Life”.