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Volumetric Technologies designed liquid filling machines that combine speed and accuracy to help meet a business’s product fulfillments.

[Cannon Falls, 06/19/2019] – Volumetric Technologies liquid filling machines help businesses that produce liquid products fulfill their quotas. The machines user-friendly design comes with multiple features and functions that combine to provide fast and accurate filling rates.

Engineered for Efficiency

Businesses that manufacture liquid products can choose between Volumetric Technologies’ 90 Series Horizontal Piston Fillers or the 45 Series Incline Piston Fillers. The machinery and electronics of the filling machines enable them to fill with impressive accuracy, with a rate of +/- 1/4 of 1 percent.

Both series of filling machines incorporate swept product pathway, which allows them to fill containers at faster speeds. A company can obtain a variety of head and nozzle designs to match their filling needs. These nozzles can attach to up to 24 filling stations that can make up to 100 liquid deposits per minute, depending on the product.

Features and Functions

Volumetric Technologies also incorporated many features in the design of the liquid filling machines. An operator can adjust the speed of the conveyor belts to match their specifications. The menu and control systems are user-friendly and easy to understand, making them safer for their operators.

The tool-free designs of the liquid filling machines makes it easier for maintenance crews to clean and reassemble the machines. Finally, they are made of FDA-approved materials and quality stainless steel, for enhanced durability and safety.

A business that deals with liquid products and liquid particulate products can enjoy the efficiency that these machines are designed to offer.

About Volumetric Technologies

Volumetric Technologies aims to provide filling and packaging equipment of the highest quality. All the machines and equipment produced by the Cannon Falls, Minnesota company are 100 percent designed and manufactured in the US.

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