Vindaloo VoIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has made an announcement to offer the video conferencing software solution. The company has developed a multi tenant conferencing solution. It supports audio, web and video conferencing. The company also offers video conferencing with single tenant and multi tenant support. The company has now announced to offer this multi tenant video conferencing solution to the institutes belong to the education industry.

As per the shared details, the video conferencing solution can provide education to the students living in remote areas. Thus, it can remove the concerns of the low education in rural areas. It also removes issues related to specialized education in any subject matter due to no expert teachers in a country.

With the video conferencing solution, the education institutes like schools, colleges, universities, coaching centers, etc. can educate students with the online learning. It means the students can explore the courses and attend the classes from remote locations. The students can also ask questions in real time to the teacher as the video conferencing solution of the Vindaloo VoIP enables the educational institutes to conduct live classes. It also controls the communication. It means the teachers can broadcast the teaching session while no student can speak in between. However, there will be an inbuilt “Raise Hand” feature so the students can raise their hand virtually by pressing a button in the conferencing solution to request for permission to ask a question. The teacher then, can un-mute the student if she wants to allow the students to ask the question. This way the video conferencing solution for education sector can create a virtual classroom.

The Vindaloo VoIP has announced that the educational institutes with multiple branches can buy the multi tenant conferencing solution. This type of conferencing software allows to connect all branches with the main office. This way a centralized education ecosystem can be created with the VinConf: multi tenant conferencing software solution of the Vindaloo VoIP.
The company offers the white label video conferencing solution to the educational organizations that prefer to have their brand elements in their virtual teaching system.

“There are many universities that have launched their online courses. Some of them are offering paid courses. While some offer the free courses via MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses). It has started becoming a trend. For the students enrolled in the physical college or the remote students, the colleges can provide vocational or other courses. The VinConf is easy to use. It takes no time in setup. It doesn’t need students to download any app. It is a perfect solution for modern day learning”, shared spokesperson of the company.