Gentlemen of distinction with a taste for beauty, elegance and luxury will appreciate the rich suppleness of the finest full-grain leather. The SecridMiniwallet: Linea Navy comes with a high grade aluminum case and is RFID secured and is impeccably stitched. The aluminum case can hold up to 4 embossed cards or 6 flat cards; more cards can be kept in the leather external cover. The outer case can be used to keep business cards or receipts. There is a dedicated cash slot to keep your currency bills safe and tidy. This wallet comes with a lever under the aluminum case which ejects your cards so you can select them immediately. The suave gentleman with sophisticated taste will love the refined creativity of this elegant range.
Changes in England, bought by the British exit from the European Union, have created more awareness about the English heritage. Checked patterns and lines have become more popular because of “Brexit”. Secridshowcases this new fashion of checked patterns and lines with their Linea wallets.
Price: Rs. 9,700/-