At a Glance!
Start-Up: Wooden Street
Founders: Lokendra Ranawat, Virendra Ranawat
Year It was Founded: 2015
Location: Udaipur
Section: Furniture E-Commerce
Unique Selling Point: Custom Made Furniture

A good day starts with a good night,
a good night starts with good sleep.
For this, nothing is more essential than a bed to stretch on and a mattress that can give you the comfiest experience than ever.
Wooden Street has thus introduced two top quality of mattresses which ensures that your every night is a complete pleasure. Categorized into Ultra-comfort mattress and Ortho-memory mattress, both of these mattresses add spirit to the most restful sleep.

Ultra-Comfort mattress is one with excellent hypo-allergic properties. This ensures that the mattress is completely hygienic and stays clean for long. So, it can make anyone love the investment they have made.

Secondly, Ortho Memory Mattress is another one that safeguards comfort in the best way. It improves the bodily posture with getting shaped, sized, and manipulated with every move of the body.
Also, it maintains body temperature so that one’s body neither feels too hot in summer nor too cool in winters. Moreover, its fine fabrication is with a quality check so that one can breathe well upon it.

Such comfiest mattress as per the environment, requirement, and the bodily type make it the best investment that you can make for a snugly bedding.
Not only is it about the good quality mattresses that attract anyone to have a glance at the mattress stock at Wooden Street, but the facilities that are offered along are a cherry on top.

Below is a sneak peek to the services and facilities offered by Wooden Street for quick, easy and reliable purchase:
20 YEARS WARRANTY: The confidence in buying mattresses is attained by the clients of Wooden Street because of this very reason. 20 years warranty period is something that gathers complete trust because one is assured with the faith that they do not have to worry for a restful sleep for the coming 20 years.
Mattresses at Wooden Street are guaranteed with the same. Wooden Street gives 20 years of warranty over every purchase of a mattress.

100 NIGHTS TRIAL: 100 nights trial facility is to make one completely sure of the right purchase before investing a thousand bucks.

Just like Wooden Street gives a free 100-night trial before making the final purchase of the mattress so that they can figure out well whether it is worth purchasing or not.

FREE SHIPPING: Free shipping is another perk for purchasing online. So that the mattress can reach any one’s home irrespective of the size of the mattress and the lane where it has to be shipped.

Wooden Street offers this amenity with the purchase of the mattress so that it is delivered right on the door, irrespective of how intricate the address is. Plus, all this is done for free!

A bundle of comfort within one mattress, and the exquisite services along with each, makes it a must-have. Wooden Street has made it easy to buy the mattress that can suit anyone the most with different mattresses of different features.


These are the two types of mattresses, namely Ultra-comfort mattress and Ortho-memory mattress that gives the comfiest aura with restful sleep and longevity along. The facilities together make it amiable for quick purchase.