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United States 17-06-2019. Cider is an alcoholic beverage which is produced from different kinds of apples. Though cider apple is mostly preferred to make cider, other varieties can be used too. Cider is mostly prepared in microbreweries by fermenting apple juices and the procedure is a time taking one. It was most popular in the UK earlier but now, it is also quite famous and prevalent in the US countries. Common Cider is an old and well-known cider company San Diego. They utilize apples from some of the farms which grow the best apples and our team of testers have chosen the farms after a long and thorough scrutiny process of several farms. We have our own microbrewery where highly qualified brewers with proper professional experience have been employed for making the best cider.

At our cider microbrewery, we manufacture different styles of ciders which are made from varieties of apples. Our ciders are mainly of two types- standard and special ciders which are further subdivided. We produce modern ciders, from culinary apples having low tannin content. Heritage ciders are made from both culinary as well as cider apples. Among specific style ciders, we produce varieties such as ‘New World’ ciders which are made from culinary, wild and crab apples. Then there is the ‘Apple wine’ cider which is made from unspecified apple types. There are many other kinds produced in our microbrewery and you definitely need to visit Common Cider in order to choose the one which is most desired by you.

Cider contains 1.2 to 8.5 per cent alcohol and hence can be consumed without the fear of feeling much dizzy. The color of ciders mostly ranges from yellow, golden, pale brown to amber colors depending on the type of apple used. The ciders produced by Common Cider also come in a plethora of flavors where honey, mint and ice are some of the mostly bought flavors. To know more about the products manufactured by us, visit: