Upper Forearm Movement This Is Intense But Gets Results!
By Paul Robert Veenendall
Expert Author Paul Robert Veenendall
Take a barbell with a weight you can do reverse forearm curls of 3 sets at 8-10 reps each with ten seconds of rest between sets. Ready? Here we go. Take the bar held at the thighs and now reverse curl it to the waist keeping it parallel at waist.

Now squeeze the bar as hard as you can continue to squeeze the bar as you reverse curl the bar to the shoulders hold for 2 seconds. Lower bar down to the parallel waist position and hold it there. Continue to squeeze the bar throughout the sets and required reps. This keeps constant tension on the upper forearms through the squeezing of the bar and the tension on the muscles by keeping the bar parallel to the waist rather than bring the bar down to thighs and relaxing the tension on the upper forearms muscle group. By performing the forearm routine in this fashion you will feel a pump like you never felt before and a complete workout of the upper forearm muscles like you never felt before. This will mold, shape, build, your forearm muscles for size and strength like having a vise grip. This also strengthens the wrists. Try this and you will know why this separates the men from the boys want to be a herculean man? Do your upper forearm routine this way. Once you do you will never go back to any other training for the upper forearms you used before. Now this is most likely your first time doing the upper forearm workout routine in this fashion. Do not be alarmed if you cannot perform this movement with the recommended rest between sets. This is understandable. You will have to find a weight poundage you can work with and work up to the amount of rest of ten seconds between sets. How long will this take? Depending on how fast your body recuperates and responds to this routine around a month. Don’t let that deter you don’t give up continue with this work out routine. You will see results in size and strength and a wrist strength increase as well. You will start to develop size and strength in about your first thirty days. At that time you may find your rest time between sets maybe close to if not at ten seconds of rest between sets. You will be glad you tried this upper forearm movement. I learned this many years ago and after using it once continued and never was sorry never went back to conventional forearm training. Guys this is the way to train upper forearms. Want more tips and secrets?

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