Dehradun, 8 June, 2019

The team of bloggers returned to Delhi after a four-day exploring trip to the lesser known tourist destinations of Chakrata, Hanol, Mori, Sankri, Lakhamandal, Kalsi, Vikasnagar, Langha and Pasta village of Uttarakhand.

Additional Chief Executive Officer of Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board Shri C. Ravi Shankar said that the fourth edition of the Blogger’s Bus was organized to promote the less popular tourist destinations of the state through digital media platforms. Through this tour, the bloggers got a chance to know the hidden tourism prospects of Chakrata area and its rich heritage and culture. He further said that the tourism department’s plan is to promote the hidden tourist destinations of the state on a national and international level. And for this, Blogger Bus is being operated and social media training programs are being organized for Home stay owners as well.

He also added that through the bloggers, local tourism will be widely publicized and promoted on digital media platforms and those who follow these bloggers will be inspired by this, and in return they will come to visit these untouched tourist places. In this case, the local businessmen involved in tourism will get employment and tourism economy of the state will be strengthened and at the same time new destinations will also be included on tourist-map.

During this four-day tour, bloggers visited the Tiger Falls in Chakrata and enjoyed Water Rippling in Kimona Falls as well as also got to know about the local tribal culture. While going to Mori from Chakrata on the second day, they visited Mahasu Devta Temple in Hanol and gathered information about the legends and folk tales by the local priests. And then they headed towards Sankri via Mori. On the third day of tour, after visiting the Pandava’s temple in Lakhamandal, the bloggers bus reached Pasta village near Langha via Kalsi. From Pasta village, they left for Delhi next morning after completing this four days tour.

Shri Prakash Khatri, District Tourism Development Officer, Uttarkashi, who was appointed as nodal officer of the tour by Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board said that the bloggers visited important tourist places in lesser known destinations. They enjoyed the activities and also showed a great interest in knowing about the local people and their culture. He further added that all the bloggers praised Home Stays and the hospitality shown by local entrepreneurs.

Meena – I must confess that it was a wonderful experience for me as I got to know so many things about some of the most important but lesser known tourist spots of Uttarakhand and its historical rich culture and heritage. Overall, it was an awakening experience for me as I love knowing new things.

Shivali – This four day tour was organized by Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board to bring out prospects of the unknown or less popular tourist spots to the people of this world, which represents the rich, oldest, and magnificent lifestyle of the state. We explored so many very interesting places during our trip which will be included on the popular tourist destinations very soon.

She further added that the trip was completely successful as we gathered the information we needed to bring all these places on social media platforms so that more and more people can come to know about these most beautiful places.

Sandip – This last four days have been totally informative and enriching for me in so many aspects. I visited oldest temples and met so many amazing people from different culture and tradition. Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board has initiated a well planned tour which for sure will benefit the state tourism department as well as the local home stay owners.

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