If your washing drum is malfunctioned, and looking for the solution, here we Liox cleaners & laundry will try to give the solutions.

1. If the drum is stuck:

The drum cannot be turned by hand.

The washing machine drum does not turn any more, even with your hand you cannot move it, then this may have a simple reason.


An object of different nature has jammed on the side and prevents any movement. If this is the case, you can find out and fix it with the back panel removed.

2. Identify problems with the drive:

If the drum can no longer be moved by hand, there could be engine damage, and this can only be determined with the rear wall removed. Before you take a closer look at the drive, be sure to unplug the power plug.


After checking the V-belt, pull it off and try to run the engine without running. Not infrequently, the problem is with worn carbon brushes.

Clear indications of classic coal damage can be identified by disproportionately visible sanding dust. If you have some technical skills, unscrew the carbon brushes and replace them with a new set. If this does not make the washing machine motor work, there is probably a more serious problem.

3. Complex electronic fault:

If all of the described procedures are unsuccessful and the washing machine continues to strike, you will, unfortunately, have to assume a more complex fault in the electronics that you probably cannot solve yourself. It could be that one of the sensors or the board prevents the drum from rotating.


However, if you do not have extensive expertise, it is unavoidable to consult a specialist. Now you have to decide for yourself if the age of your washing machine justifies the often costly repair.

4. The washing machine drum is not spinning anymore – the reasons summarized:

The washing machine drum does not turn and this can have different reasons. Often the cause is outside, with power plug, socket or fuses and can be fixed in a few seconds free of charge. Even simple memory problems in the electronics can prevent the start of the washing machine and can be managed by a few measures from the world.

It gets a bit more complicated if there is a technical error that is harder to find and often can only be repaired with a certain amount of expertise.

And the necessary caution must never be ignored. The more complex error causes usually require the replacement of expensive items and this will be well considered.

Hope at Liox cleaners & laundry, we helped you to find out the problems.