Madisonville, LA – Retired US Air Force Col. Rob Maness has announced a new weekly news series called The Rob Maness Show. The military veteran will be the host and contributor to the web series. The online series will be produced by OpsLens Media Group, and it will be featured on the company’s website, OpsLensTV.

Experienced-Based News

When asked about what exactly inspired him to create and host the new online series, Maness mentioned the following, “America deserves the truth, not just whatever is propped up by the mainstream media. I am honored to work together with OpsLens once again. They have been a great partner in the past, and I’m glad I count on them for this show.” Maness referred to his series as a “weekly experience-based news format” where he discusses trending political news, brings his own informed observations on each topic, and invites a variety of guests to discuss the topic at hand. This makes The Rob Maness Show a natural fit with OpsLens’ site, since it refers to itself as a place with experience-based commentary.

Col Rob Maness’s Media Experience

The Rob Maness Show is not the retired US Air Force colonel’s first foray into the world of news media. In November 2013, he founded the Iron Liberty Group, a news media company behind the Apple News Publisher Iron Liberty News, which releases newsworthy blog entries and articles about current events. The company also focuses on social media publishing, as well as consulting on areas such as leadership, operations, data provisioning, and security. Maness has experience on these areas due to his past positions of leadership in the Air Force, up to and including Wing Commander.

Manner also founded and currently runs GatorPAC since December 2014 and has also involved himself in the world of politics by running as a US Senator representing his home state of Louisiana. He has run for the 2014 and 2016 elections and plans on continuing to pursue his political goals.

The Col Rob Maness Show airs new episodes on a weekly basis on OpsLensTV. The company’s programming is available on its website, as well as the iTunes store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore.