Laundry washing is no big feat if you follow some hints and tips by Dry Cleaners NYC. You can save money and time, protect the environment and enjoy clothes for a long time.

Here we presenting you the best 6 “Cool” laundry tips:

1. Pay attention to care instructions in the textiles:

Textiles can be unsightly or even ruined by improper care.

2. Sort laundry into white, colored, fine and wool/silk

The sorting and the correct choice of the program serve the protection against discoloration, the material preservation and thus the value preservation of the textiles.

Sort laundry by color and material of the textiles. Treat stains before washing

3. Pre-treat visible stains:

The pre-treatment of stains avoids the unnecessary use of resources since without this pre-treatment the entire load would have to be washed hotter or with more detergent.

4. Load the washing machine as fully as possible:

You should full it except for fine and wool washing and select the appropriate washing program.

Efficient use of the machine depending on the type of textile avoids the unnecessary use of resources. Suitable washing programs depending on the type of textile serve to protect the material. Several laundry items can be combined when washed with the program and detergent type for the most delicate piece of fabric.

5. Depending on the type of laundry, select the appropriate detergent:

Select full, color, fine, wool detergent and observe the respective dosing instructions.

The use of the detergent suitable for the respective type of textile serves to protect the material and maintain its value. Observance of the dosing recommendation serves to avoid possible overdosing.

6. Wash at the lowest possible temperature.

However, wash at least once a month with a detergent containing bleach at 60 ° C

It should preferably be washed at low temperatures to avoid the unnecessary use of energy. However, in order to prevent possible formation of biofilms, should be washed at 60 ° C at least once a month with a bleach-containing heavy duty detergent in solid form (powder, granules, tab).

You should also check the care symbols in textiles for washing, bleaching, drying, ironing and for professional cleaning with explanations.

These are the best 6 Cool tips for your laundry. If you will take care of all of these tips offered by Dry Cleaners NYC, we are sure, you will be able to wash the clothes like a pro!