Food, shelter, and clothing are the three basic needs, everybody earns for. Among the three, food has a larger scope for doing experiments with it. As we eat more than two times a day, so we desire for a unique taste each time. Savoy Restaurant cares for you and provides you the best Indo Pak food cuisine in Houston. The best Indo Pak food offered at this Houston restaurant will satiate your cravings to experiment and explore delectable dishes with pleasantly piquant textures, aroma, appearance, and flavors.

If you are planning a culinary celebration with family and friends, Savoy is the best choice for Indo Pak halal restaurant in Houston. Along with its main restaurant, Savoy has a private room which is capable of treating around 65 people. They also offer a party hall, which can be a good choice to organize private and corporate events.

Being an authorized caterer at several venues across Houston, Savoy restaurant has been applauded for its award-winning services and delicious food. They are available to serve your catering needs in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Corpus, Christi, and College Station.

As one of the best Indo Pak restaurants in Houston, they serve you a wide range of delicious and mouthwatering Indian and Pakistani dishes, using 100% Zabiha Halal Meat for non-vegetarian dishes. You can enjoy a full meal including, appetizers, curries, drinks, beverages, and desserts.

The restaurant assures you about its food quality and hygiene. Tasty food, unique culture, friendly environment, and special offers attract the customers to visit Savoy Restaurant more than just once. Hop on to the restaurant website and book your table now.