The celebrations at FM Rainbow for the World Environment Day (5th June) was truly memorable due to various reasons. The renowned Motivational Speaker, Yogi and Mystic Viveck Shettyy spoke at length on various issues pertaining to the environment. Sachin Tendulkar spoke about the Indian Cricket Team and Aamir Khan shared his thoughts on Eid related to environment respectively.

Viveck Shettyy emphasized that the organic content in the soil has rapidly gone down due to which water retention has become a problem. As a consequence, there is water scarcity in various parts of Mumbai and it has become a common occurrence.

Viveck even offered innovative solutions to prevent plastic pollution and he suggested a Re.1 Incentive plan for all the plastic packets which are returned, to concerned authorities to prevent plastic waste and encourage recycling of plastic. The Re.1 incentive being offered by the authorities could be covered within the MRP itself. However, it is to be noted that plastic of a particular grade only can be recycled which should be selectively permitted as this recycling will prevent clogging, choking in water bodies or even in the drainage system.

He even mentioned that by 2050 the amount of plastic in the oceans will outweigh fish, predicts a report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, in partnership with the World Economic Forum. There have been various cases of whales dying due to consuming plastic and their carcass being washed ashore. In Thailand, for instance there was a whale which had consumed 80 plastic shopping bags and other plastic debris which had clogged the whale’s stomach.

He further added that the Carbon footprint needs to be reduced, let’s take the instance of people who go in an AC car to the gym and then sweat it out at the gym cycling. This is really something to ponder about as people should directly sweat it out by cycling to the gym and that will only enhance their fitness level and stamina. Viveck concluded by emphasizing that all 365 days of the year are environment days and our environment is essentially our life.

Pic Caption : Viveck Shettyy at FM Rainbow Studio

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