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You can’t miss good outdoor lighting when you see it. When the house looks welcoming, even after the Sun goes down, with well-lit entrances and driveway, and without any dark shadows, the house not only looks welcoming, but also secure. And that means the exterior lights have served their purpose well.

You can also create the same ambience for your home with a good exterior lighting plan, based on your goals for lighting your home’s exterior.

Here is a list of 5 outdoor lighting basics to consider.

Ensure that your entrances, walkways and paths are well-lit and shadow-free to avoid falls at night. Check your front entrance, garden paths, side doors and stairs.

To light stairs and walkways, you can use –
• Individual step lights, mounted on a post or stair railing
• Flexible LED strip lighting, cut to size
• Under-tread lights
• Standalone bollards or post lights

Security of your house not only depends upon how well-lit the space is but also at what time the lights come on. You can add motion sensors to ensure lights turn on automatically when someone steps on your property.

It’s a good idea to have the porch or front light turn on at dusk, and leave it on until bedtime. It also indicates the home is in use and someone is home. You can also install timers to turn outdoor lights on and off, on a schedule.

Now you also have smart lighting apps that allow you to control the lights at your house remotely, even when you’re away.
Yard or garden features

Exterior lighting is about more than the safety and security of your home. Dramatic outdoor lighting options can help you highlight a yard or garden feature and turn it into a great conversation starter. Water features offer an excellent opportunity for lighting.

It’s summer and you obviously want to spend more time outdoors. A well-lit outdoor living space feels comfortable and you can enjoy it with your loved ones on cool summer evenings.

If you want to add security and beauty to your outdoor space without adding to your utility bills, think LED. Outdoor lighting can be made highly energy efficient if you invest in light fixtures with LEDs. While LEDs may seem expensive upfront, the savings from upgrading your outdoor lighting to LED exceeds the initial costs by a wide margin. In addition, modern LEDs are far cheaper than those a few years ago.

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