What are Garage Door Openers?
Garage door openers are the motorized device that opens and closes the latest and modernized garage doors which are controlled by the switches on the garage walls. Most of these devices are the handheld radio remote-control that owner carries. These doors can be opened and closed from a short-distance.
What are their various types?
Primarily, they are of 5 types.
• Chain-drive openers that have a chain more or less similar to a bicycle which connects the trolley to the motor car.
• Belt drive openers that use rubber-belt and not chain.
• Screw-drive openers having a long-screw all-inside the track. There is a trolley which connects to this screw.
• There are jackshaft openers which are mounted on the wall at the either end of the torsion bar.
• Direct drive openers have the motor installed right inside the trolley and they make use of gear wheels for guiding the trolley all-along the fixed chain.
What are the additional features?
If you have modernized garage doors operated by the remote controls, garage door openers installation is more like a necessity rather than a choice. Given here are some of the additional features of these openers.
• Automatic courtesy lights which turn on as soon as garage door opens and automatically turn off after a preset delay.
• A unique remote lock-out feature that turns off the radio-receiver while you are on a vacation or when it is used for a prolonged time period. Garage Door Remote Services are being provided by the professionals.
• There are unique features as well like the wireless keypads, key-chain remotes, solenoid operated deadbolts for locking the doors itself.
There are more sophisticated features available as well like the integrated carbon monoxide sensors that can open the doors if the garage gets flooded with the exhaust fumes. There are other features that enable the activation of doors. In reality, these are the largest moving object in homes and if these doors are adjusted improperly, they can exert strong and deadly forces which cannot be reversed. Hence a professional and experienced Garage Spring Repair Services dealing with the Installation services should be reached out to for their installation.

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