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11th June 2019 (Phiadelphia, PA) – Juniper Muyai Thai Gym aspires to see itself one-stop destination for Muay Thai in Philadelphia and Kickboxing in Philadelphia training provider. This gym has developed best training framework and a pool of expert and experienced trainers in its pool. A sapling with immense potential, the objective of this Gym is to teach people the most effective techniques and enable them to stay healthier and happier. In addition, Juniper has a mission to develop and nurture future talents in the domains of Thai boxing and kick Boxing. Though, a new party in this domain, Juniper has already attracted the attention of the mass from the locality.

As in other parts of the world, Thai combat arts are growing more and more popular in the US as well. People were looking for Muay Thai in South Philly training institute. To delight of these flocks, comes up Juniper Gym. The provider has taken the mission to popularize Muay Thai in South Philadelphia, and they have come up with an integrated training facility for people of all ages, gender and profiles. In one hand, the gym aspires to educate the mass about the effective techniques of Thain self-defense. On the other hand, it has a plan to develop upcoming talents for Thai boxing as well as for Kick boxing and other Thai combat sports.

The best part about this institute is that, it is promoted by professionals with years of experience in participating combat sports. Under the promoters, they have recruited the best trainers who would take care of the individual development of the trainees. Juniper has a special interest to educate females on the effective techniques of self-defense. Hence, they are offering Womens Kickboxing in Philadelphia classes for girls and women of all ages. These classes would be conducted under the guidance and aegis of qualified and experienced female instructors.

“We felt the need for a good training center for Thai and kick boxing training, in and around Philadelphia. This drove us to come up with this venture. Our missions is to offer quality training facilities, within affordable rates. Our special interest is to educate females on these techniques of self-defense that would enable them any attempts for molestations. We offer our trainees to schedule their classes as per their convenience. With us, there are arrangements for private and group sessions. Our objective is to make people healthier and orient them with a regular fitness regime”.

About Juniper Muyai Thai Gym
Juniper Muyai Thai Gym is a newly launched training institute in Philadelphia, offering a plethora of Thai Boxing and Kick boxing training programs for men and women.

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Phone number: 267-764-2112
Address: 2019 S Juniper Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148