The kidney is a vital organ – it functions as toxins and excessive nutrients flushing out biological mechanism. Kidney failure and kidney related diseases are on the rise. It is especially worrying that children are increasingly becoming susceptible to kidney-related illnesses to the point of life-threatening and requiring a kidney transplant. It is imperative that children with kidney medical issues receive the best treatment and care. Pediatric Nephrology in India is making inroads and it is helping many children with kidney conditions in India and from other nations overcome their afflictions and have a normal childhood so that they can grow up to be quality adding adults. Leading the pack is Dr. Sidharth Sethi who is the Pediatric Nephrologist at Medanta, The Medicity.

Backed by a team of experts in nephrology, Dr. Sidharth Sethi has rehabilitated many children with various kidney problems, namely, Nephrotic syndrome, Glomerular disorders, rare tubular disorders, and Chronic Kidney disease. As the best pediatric nephrologist in Delhi, Dr. Sidharth Sethi provides accurate diagnosis and dispenses the right treatment promptly for the children.

The best pediatric nephrologist in Gurgaon, Dr. Sidharth Sethi leads the nephrology team at Medanta, the Medicity’s dialysis, and renal transplant services. Since the patients are young children, a lot of reassurances are needed to put them and their families at ease – especially in cases of a kidney transplant. Dr. Sidharth Sethi and his team take into account individual patient and family needs and provide thorough yet personalized care, understanding the associated fear. The care provided by Dr. Sidharth Sethi and his team is comprehensive and extends over different periods of time, depending on how the patient is recovering.

Employing the latest technology available, Dr. Sidharth Sethi provides kidney diseases and kidney transplant treatments and effective follow-up care to children. His team has national recognition for their innovation, expertise and professional experience and dedication – Dr. Sidharth Sethi is committed to dispensing exceptional kidney afflictions treatment to the asset of any nation – her children.