Marketing is very important for an industry like insurance where the elements of competition are so high. Here success doesn’t lie merely in convincing people they need insurance, but in establishing effective communication with them which inspire them to choose your services over others. Bulk SMS service enables an insurance vendor to reach its potential customers on their mobile phone instantly. With more than 98% open rate within three minutes of being received, mass texting occupies a dominant position over emails and phone calls. Bulk SMS Reseller gives you an opportunity to reach thousands of prospects in a very effective way by way of a well-executed campaign.

Due to the effectiveness and instant delivery, text messaging tool is being used widely today by almost all the enterprises irrespective of their nature and size. Whatever be the kind of insurance coverage you offer to your clients, bulk SMS marketing can be a very result-oriented and a multi-utility tool for you. Below are the benefits you can derive as an insurance vendor/company:

Send special promotional offers

Text messaging allows you to send various offers, discounts, etc. to your clients/prospects. You also have an opportunity to let your clients know about any newly launched insurance and its benefits. In this way, you will not only sell insurance products but will also create awareness regarding the importance of insurance.

Strengthen a personal bond with your clients

SMS enables you to establish effective and smooth communication with your clients. Keep your clients informed about all the special events related to insurance. Create en rapport with them by sending personalized messages. You can strengthen a bond with them by sending them personalized messages on birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Send alerts & reminders to your clients

Send various alerts and reminders to your clients, for example, send them a reminder when their premium gets due, Let them also know about any change in policy, late fee charges or any other crucial detail which may arise during the course of their policy activity.

Generate leads using URL shortener

Modern tools of bulk SMS include URL shortener. A URL shortener is a tool which enables you to send the link of your website or landing page with the SMS. The tool offers you the best way to promote your insurance brand. Besides, the multi-utility tool also enables you to track your campaign by giving you the details regarding who all have clicked the links. Using such insights you will not only generate substantial leads but will also increase conversions.