Plastic is readily available in the environment and we are exposed to tiny particles of the same. But, are we really doing anything to keep a check on the risks posed by it? In fact, plastic can affect the human life through breathing, eating and even drinking. Considering this serious issue, Spectro has come up with definite third party testing services to find a way out. We are a plastic testing lab, where, experts conduct tests on plastics to find their impact on human life.

The founder of Spectro, Mr. Kuldeep Dhingra states: “At Spectro, we always identify the root cause of contamination or health risks caused by plastic. On the basis of these causes, we fill the knowledge gaps and use advanced tools and techniques for plastic testing. We have become one of the most trusted plastic testing labs in Delhi with our consistent performance and accurate results.”

In the process of testing, certain technical and scientific reasons of exposure to plastic are also observed. These intricate details are understood by the highly qualified personnel of Spectro, the plastic testing lab. Our proficient team ensures a detailed report is prepared to analyze the current scenario of plastic entering the lifestyle of living beings. Micro-plastic and Nano-plastic are identified along with perils caused by them.
Mr. Dhingra further acknowledges: “There are different types of plastic with varied attributes. We need to be assured about the result of testing procedures on plastic. Our professionals invest time on checking the minute details and prepare a checklist before drawing any inference. These experts from various disciplines have improved our lab efficiency by refining their observation.”

It becomes vital to enhance lab efficiency because numerous thirty party tests have to be focused on simultaneously. At Spectro, we have continuously diagnosed the reasons behind the mediums through which plastic is affecting the lives of human beings. Not only human life, but other living beings are also being influenced by the perils of different types of plastic. We have indeed informed our clients about the ways to stay protected from the toxicity of plastic.

Mr. Kuldeep Dhingra remarked: “Plastic can be a source of bacteria or infections if it has not been treated effectively. We assure our clients safety through our plastic testing practices and assistance for the same.”

Spectro has created a revolution in the market as the plastic testing lab and is keeping environment as well as human life protected.