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(Chandigarh, India) Gold is a compound component with the image Au and nuclear number 79, making it one of the higher nuclear number components that happen normally. In its most perfect structure, it is a brilliant, marginally rosy yellow, thick, delicate, flexible, and malleable metal. Artificially, gold is a change metal and a gathering 11 element.
Gold is a precious metal. People are attractive from gold and especially girls. Nothing has caught the creative mind of people like gold. Egyptians believed the splendid yellow metal to be divine and indestructible, a physical sign of the sun itself.
The Egyptian word for gold is stub, which gets by in the name Nubian, an old district in upper east Africa that turned into a noteworthy provider of the valuable metal. Aztecs utilized the word teocuitlatl fecal matter of the divine beings to depict gold.
Gold has been known as the loveliest of every single substance component. Its magnificence has made it alluring for use in adornments, coins, and fine art for a large number of years. It was one of the main unadulterated metals to be utilized by people.
This is best metal used to wear and looks dashing in functions and party. So, every people make become a part of it.
There are different types of gold karat such as:
18k Gold: 18k gold is basically 75% gold and 25% has silver and copper etc. This is less expensive as compare to 22k and 24k gold.
22k Gold: This type of gold is 91.67% pure and it is mostly used to make gold jewelry and other decorative item. Has a pale yellow color which can be changed by mixing other metals. 22k gold implies that 20 parts is gold and other 2 parts are some metals. This 22k gold is commonly used for jewelry making.
24k gold: 24k gold is 100% genuine gold. This gold is more expensive than 22k gold because it is 99.99% pure form. However, this type of gold is lesser in density as compared to gold of a lower karat which makes it soft and pliable. Hence, it is not suited for regular forms of jewelry.
24k gold is natural warm Color gold and its color is not change. Other color of gold. These are available in
 Pink/gold: Pink gold is made for adding more copper in alloy composition.
 Green color: Old are given a green color by adding more of zinc and silver.
 the white color of gold is achieved by adding nickel or palladium
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