The heater is very important for the citizens of the USA as the winter season is quite freezing. The conventional heaters are used in most of the houses but have high maintenance cost and less energy efficient. We at Carbontec Worldwide have come up with an idea of Infrared heating systems for homes which have minimal maintenance along with frequent heating. There are several advantages of it over the traditional one and one of the most important is its portable nature. It comes in the shape of a sheet having a thickness of 0.21 millimeters and hence can be used in any place either on the ceiling or on floor. Also, it doesn’t heat up the air in the room but it directly affects the body due to the emission of infrared rays, due to this the air doesn’t feel dry and you get clean and normal air to breathe.

Infrared rays have anti-allergic properties in it so when it is turned it acts as a dehumidifier and helps in eliminating the formation of molds and moisture on the walls. Moreover, installing it is very easy as you need to apply some adhesive on the bottom of it and paste it either on the floor or on the roof of the house. If you are not comfortable in installing it then our team of experts will visit your home or office and will do it for you at no additional cost. We have made the infrared heating system for homes because it is eco-friendly and we all know how rapidly the environment is changing. The heater doesn’t use any kind of gas or emit such and hence can be used anytime and with higher efficiency, it will decrease the electricity bills which will be boon for you.

Most of the time the toddlers and kids staying in the house are most vulnerable to burn get skin if they touch the conventional heaters but in the case of infrared heater we have applied a protective layer on top of the appliance which doesn’t allow the heat to pop up on the surface hence there is no harm when touched with bare hands. As it is resistant to fire and minor punctures it is completely safe to install and use it. You can even attach it with either of the renewable energy sources like solar or wind to save electricity. Once attached with the solar panel it can work for hours in a single charge.

About the company:
Carbontec Worldwide is a smart manufacturer and seller of one of the latest technological appliance known as infrared heater which uses infrared rays to heat the room with warming the air. With about 98% efficiency they are one of the most energy saving appliance found in the market.

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