Ayurveda Consultations Geneva to Address Your Mind and Body Health

L’essencce Ayurveda Yoga Spa offers Ayurvedic consultations providing customized Ayurvedic programs for every individual needs. Their programs are formed to help you in nourishing your senses, detoxify and refresh your body and find perfect silhouette.

As a self-healing science, Ayuveda encompasses nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, meditation, breathing exercises, and medicinal herbs, along with rejuvenation programs for healing mind body and spirit. It is a mother of all healing system.

When it comes to growing a family, number of couples faces issues. A poor diet and stress can greatly decrease a couple’s capability to conceive. In response, L’essencce Ayurveda Yoga Spa helps such couples with its Ayurveda Fertility Switzerland spa programs to increase fertility and provide a relaxing environment to get rid of it.

Ayurveda Consultations Geneva offers the world’s oldest and most absolute system of natural health care which has been implemented for prevention and healing. Root causes for infertility may embrace a gathering of toxins, stress, poor nutrition, or a disruption of natural biological rhythms in body. Within the relaxing environment of one of L’essencce health spas, couples obtain guidance and are provided one-on-one session. The Ayurveda Fertilité therapy is taken to give a boost to the body’s normal healing abilities and assist restore fertility.

L’essencce Spa offers a holistic and effective approach to male as well as female fertility management including their reproductive health issues. They offer the fertility booster program that enlivens the body’s natural healing ability, and help improve overall health and well-being with precise diet, lifestyle choices and stress management.

You can take advantage of the offer and gift yourself the passport of health and wellbeing with purchase of

One Ayurvedic massage session for 99CHF (in place of 150CHF) or
Three Ayurvedic facial session for 297CHF (instead of 450 CHF*)

About Us

At L’essencce Ayurveda Yoga Spa, Ayurveda is termed as an intrinsic part of the wellness approach. Here you will find massages, treatments plus specialized diet plan to fulfil individual goals to the more exact transformations in lifestyle.

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