At a Glance!
Start-Up: Wooden Street
Founders: Lokendra Ranawat, Virendra Ranawat
Year It was Founded: 2015
Location: Udaipur
Section: Furniture E-Commerce
Unique Selling Point: Custom Made Furniture

Modern homes today are incomplete when there is everything for comfort but nothing to captivate the abode. That is why people always need something to deck the home in an exclusive way, just like wall frames!
Wooden Street has come up with a stock full of different wall frames for an individual to a joint family, from a solo wall frame to a collage.

Wall frames at Wooden Street do not only comprise of photo frames, but there is everything from paintings to wall arts. So, you have something to depict to every wall.

The various categories from the catalogue of wall frames are mentioned below:

WALL FRAME COLLAGE: The first reason that pings to scroll into a range of wall frames is the wall collage. Full wall frame collage like Spinner frame collage is an exemplary of the same.
This wall frame collage is one with so many wall frames in different sizes. A combination of vertical, horizontal, and square frames, along with a combination of bright and blissful colors makes it extremely ravishing.

Also, so many wall frames make it amiable to fill the entire wall with decor.

COLLAGE WITH NOTES: There are certain wall frames which have messages bound with the wall photo frames. It makes the wall frames look even more beautiful and significant with wall frames and messages.
Exemplary of it are wall frames like Love photo collage and family photo collage from Wooden Street. These wall frames are forged in an organized way with wall frames and words along. It gives a lot of frames to array the snaps, while there is a message along with the same.

HOMECOMING WALL FRAMES: Just like some wall frames depict messages along with the wall frames; there are some wall frames that are itself a message.
For instance, Wooden Street has a wall frame, namely Home wall decor. Albeit there is a mirror in the middle, but the wall frame itself gives a message to what it says and where it is meant to be hanged. Just like this wall frame is perfect to be hanged in the foyer.

Such wall frames are responsible for filling the walls with more beauty and words.

FLOATER FRAMED WALL FRAMES: These wall frames consist of a pair of wall frames with paintings to decorate in the abode. Wooden Street has numerous floating framed wall frames like Orange Snow Flake Floater Framed Wall Art, Blue Wood Floater Framed Wall Art, etc.

These wall frames hold paintings within it, mostly one having an intricate pattern and one having a bold pattern. These paintings and wall frames are available in so many colors that one gets to choose a wall frame that contrasts well with the abode.

MIRROR WALL FRAMES: Mirror wall frames are among the regal ways to decorate the living room of any home.
Take the example of a mirror wall frame like Bohemian Mirror Collage from Wooden Street. It holds three wall frames with three in the shape of a diamond and one that is round.
Within each of the diamond mirror frames, there are bright bohemian patterns inscribed within, and the round frame has a glass within. This makes it look one of the best wall frames that anyone can deck in the abode.

There are a lot more wall frames that are carved with the fanciness of shapes, designs, and thematic. Also, along with the decor range, there is an awesome furniture unit range at Wooden Street for every home. Wooden Street also serves “customization” services so that one gets exactly what they visualize.

For further information, you can contact Wooden Street at 91-9314444747 to serve you 24*7.

Wooden Street has assortments of wall frames with single frames to collages to beautify every wall of the abode.