If you are thinking about changing the house floor, this article interests you, because in it wecrownbamboo.com will talk about bamboo wood which is an exotic wood, resistant, durable, and economic and yes, ecological.

If you have not read it before, you may be surprised that Bambus Parkett is considered an ecological wood since it is a herbaceous plant, although it is cut, it springs up again every year in many parts of the planet especially in China.

The bamboo is an organic wood:

The growth of bamboo is very fast, so fast that, by day, some species can grow up to 90 centimeters, reaching its largest size at 7 years, and its reproduction in a natural state is also very fast. So fast that it can reach To be considered a pest, bamboo is considered an ecological plant.

Choosing bamboo for Woven Parkettboden is one of the advantages and characteristics that make it a great alternative to other woods.

A very resistant and durable material:

Another characteristic of Bambus Terrassendielen is its hardness. Due to its fibrous composition, the bamboo acquires a resistance equal to or greater than the metal, and its hardness is also superior to the oak.

In addition, this feature can be optimized with certain manufacturing processes, providing greater resistance to the surface of the soil.

Different types of bamboo:

In the market, we can find different types of Bambusfurnier. Vertical, where the knot of the wood has vertical or horizontal orientation, where the knot of the wood is arranged horizontally.

As for the finish, we can find them in natural color, with an aesthetic very similar to Spanish pine. In tan color, due to different thermal treatments, the wood acquires a darker shade or dark brown.

Where can Bambus Parkett can be installed?

Bambus Parkett can be used both indoors and outdoors. These floors are not affected by water, so they are ideal for installing in the bathroom or kitchen.

For outdoor we find solid bamboo platforms with the pressed and heat-treated surface in such a way that their resistance becomes exceptional.

Cleaning and maintenance of Bambus Parkett:

If until now bamboo wood only offered us advantages, its maintenance is not left behind in this sense, because it is really easy to keep this type of floors in good condition and keep them impeccable. Just suck it and pass it a mop later to remove the dust daily. To clean any possible stain, we can wipe it with a cloth moistened with water. It is not advisable to apply any chemical to clean it.