We all are familiar with the term beverage. The term is inclusive and covers many things in its ambit which are associated with daily life. As far as the Indian context is concerned, the term beverage is of relatively more significant because across the Indian subcontinent, the day begins with tea. Today the beverage industry possess the market worth of as much as USD 235 million in India.

Today, the huge demand for beverage products encourage the suppliers to enhance the production hence the quantum of the production of beverages is increasing day by day. Such huge demands accompany with the huge need for communication to accomplish the goals of the industry. To cater to such communication needs, Bulk SMS is the most effective emerging solutions. With more than 98% open rate within just three minutes of being received, text messaging is the proven most effective communication tool which is being used by almost all the enterprises/industry irrespective of their sizes or nature. Given below are the points which depict how mass texting can benefit the beverage industry at large:

Increase your brand equity

Needless to mention that its perceptions among the public which defines a brand’s success. Systematic well-executed marketing strengthens the perceptions of your brand in the market. Text messaging, being the most effective and instant technique to deliver crucial business information to a large number of enterprise, possess the huge capability to increase your brand equity.

Keep your customers informed

Mass texting is the best way to make the public familiar with various offers, discounts, schemes, etc. The peculiarity of the tool is its effectiveness and instant delivery. At just a click of a button, precious business information can be disseminated to a large number of people. Added to that, the tool enables one to send various other activities like events happening around, new launches, etc.

Send the link of website/landing page with a message

There are so many amazing tools in the bulk SMS service which certainly gives you amazing results. One such tool is URL shortener, which allows one to send the link of the landing page or website via SMS. In this way, you can make the most of your marketing campaign by going beyond the 160 character limit of SMS. Moreover, the tool allows you to track your campaign as you can track the number of persons who have clicked the link to send with the message.

Improve the quality of your products/services

SMS enables you to conduct the market survey or to gather feedback from the public at large. In this way, you can know more and more about the choices and preferences of the public and improve the quality of your products and services by implementing the feedback so received.