Gone are the days when marketing efforts were associated with heavy budgets. With the use of technology and changing trends, marketing and advertising ways have undergone an immense change. Today marketing is associated with low budget and can yield maximum results. One such example is Guerilla Marketing.

Ice Factor is an Experiential Marketing agency which is engaged in offering top quality services to the clients at affordable rates. The main aim of the company is to acquaint the customers with strategies which can yield positive results. The products or services of the concerned client’s companies get recognition at affordable rates.

Unconventional and low budget means are applied to get maximum results in Guerilla marketing. The impression created by such tactics is far more convincing than the traditional methods. Ambush Marketing is also a popular technique through which awareness is raised for the brand. The brand gets associated with an event. The brand is not a sponsor for the event and yet it gets the benefits of being one. This is the biggest advantage of Ambush Marketing.

Ice Factor is offering remarkable services to the clients. The company has a team of expert professionals who can offer the best strategies to the clients which can bear fruitful results. They have designed several successful campaigns and have derived immense experience from the same. This gives them the confidence to operate with success and produce desirable results for their esteemed clients.

The company is a pro at organizing experiential tours for their clients. In this strategy, the experts take the brands to connect with diverse places and the target audience is able to experience the service or the product. The high-quality results are expected of such campaigns because experts are engaged to offer such services. Their farsightedness and a sense of precision is the main reason behind the success of such strategies. The company is totally indulgent in such activities and they recommend the use of it as an important advertising tool to extract impactful results. The association of the clients with the company has been long and they are highly satisfied with their services.

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