Whenever there is a construction of a building you need proper excavation of land so that the building can withstand any calamity of nature with ease. The people living in New Zealand knows the importance of a good foundation because strong winds can deteriorate the building very easily. We at A1 Diggers are one of the best Excavation Contractors Christchurch and if you want to build a building then you can contact us for the superior quality of work. We are having experience of more than 20 years and in these years, we excavated a lot of lands, hence we know how to deal with the soil and how to make sure that the foundation is rock solid for future use.

We excavate land for both residential and commercial purposes. Before starting our work, we send a team of people who first look and see the quality of the soil, after that, we make our plan on how much land is needed to be cleared for a building to stand properly. One of the major issues that most of the contractor’s face is the lack of genuine and proper gear and tools along with machinery. We have stacked all kinds of equipment’s so that our work does not get halted for any kind of problem. It doesn’t matter whether it is raining, or the bright sun is shining, we complete our work in desired time because we want that due to us the client faces further delay in their project.

Our work has been certified and approved by the government of New Zealand hence you can trust us in doing the job. We can guarantee you that once you work with us you will feel happy. Since the beginning of our work, we followed the trend and have evolved with time due to which we are sustaining in the business despite some tough competition. Doing the job of excavation contractor in Christchurch requires lots of patience because of several pipes which are laid under the ground and if proper care is not taken then you may get into serious trouble like bursting of pipes or damaging it.

Most company working in Christchurch and Canterbury knows the rules and methods of excavation, but they follow them and instead go for some fancy methods. On the other hand, we do our work in periodical order and inspect each step before going forward, this way we can see and rectify our mistakes so that in future we don’t repeat it.