Lakewood, CO June 02, 2019 – The Sanctuary Bjj and Fitness, one of the leading certified and trusted centers for Brazilian Jiujitsu Littleton CO has lately been in the news for dedicating considerable time and effort in encouraging women and children to approach self defense with greater confidence. Moved and alarmed by rising crime rates especially those involving heinous unforgivable offences like rape, domestic violence, trafficking, child abuse and more, The Sanctuary Bjj and Fitness has taken it upon their shoulders to empower women and children with simple yet effective self defense techniques that can help them tackle difficult situations with ease.

On being asked why The Sanctuary Bjj and Fitness chooses Brazilian Jiujutsu over other martial arts, the trainers responded with a reason that cannot possibly be countered. Brazilian Jiujutsu is one of the very few fighting arts that allow smaller and weaker people to tackle larger and stronger opponents very successfully. This is therefore, best suited for women and kids in the face of street / domestic threats. As one of the most responsible centers for self defense Lakewood CO, The Sanctuary ensures designing lesson plans in ways that help beginners learn the art with maximum effectiveness in as little time as possible.

Besides Brazilian Jiujutsu, The Sanctuary Bjj and Fitness is also a reputed center for MMA and CrossFit Lakewood CO. The center is also home to some of the most qualified and experienced trainers that boast rich martial art history and background; one of the main reasons why members have gained enriching and rather unparalleled learning experience till date. Maintaining affordability in their fee packages has also been named by confident trainees among the reasons that make The Sanctuary so welcoming and approachable.

While The Sanctuary is established in Lakewood CO with centers in Denver and Littleton as well, the endeavor is currently in the process of spreading out to other cities and states in the USA.

About The Sanctuary Bjj and Fitness:
The Sanctuary Bjj and Fitness is a leading Colorado based center for learning Brazilian Jiujutsu and is dedicated to novices and professional fighters. The center offers comprehensive MMA training as well through in main centers in Lakewood, Denver and Littleton.

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