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[United Kingdom, 31/05/2019] – Kindred Yoga offers different styles of yoga for beginners and more experienced members of the practise. Its team of yoga teachers makes it their goal to train their students to be in tune with their body while simultaneously building a community centred on yoga.

The Teachers

Kindred Yoga currently has more than 20 teachers who are all trained in different styles of yoga. They are dedicated to the yogic lifestyle; some left their corporate jobs to become full-time teachers. They have different specialisations, from breathing, animal movement, physical alignment, deeper understanding of the body and movement patterns, among others.

Students can follow a certain teacher’s class, depending on what they want to achieve through yoga.

The Classes

Kindred Yoga has classes for more popular forms, such Ashtanga, Vinsaya flow, Dharma, and Restorative. It also offers styles that have more specific purposes, like the primal moves and handstand conditioning class, which uses animal movements to build strength and balance, and Yin, which focuses on releasing mind and body stresses.

There are classes dedicated to specific audiences as well. Those new to the practise can learn the foundations of yoga in a beginner’s class, which has a playful and supporting environment. New mothers and moms-to-be can also rebalance, release tension from the body and fulfill their emotional and physical needs through the post-natal class and pregnancy yoga.

About Kindred Yoga

Kindred Yoga is a London-based yoga studio that aims to build a community centred on the practise. Katarina Rayburn, a registered yoga teacher, founded Kindred with her husband Jules. With their team of qualified teachers, their goal is to create an environment where people can feel at home while nurturing their practise.
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