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When you are looking into purchasing a plot of vacant land or a piece of property this event is something that must not be taken without considerable thought. Buying land is a process that is exceptionally pricey that represents a significant outlay of an individual’s time and finances. LandSNG works on mission to help you minimize the risks of losing your real estate investments. This could be funds you intend to use in buying land, a house, or to rent a property. The best way to start is to be well informed and make use of available resources in order to make wise investment decisions.

Land survey plans are offered by LandSNG. With increased penetration of digital technology, and new owners and investors coming into the Nigerian land market, there is a need for a more robust offering for connecting investors, buyers and sellers. LandSNG is addressing a large market.

Most land records are public records and LandSNG organization maintain a database of historic records of land and properties that are released by government agencies across Nigeria. The database is constantly updated. Likewise, we also obtain land records from third-party organizations.

LandSNG significantly aligns the needs of the land market across Nigeria and will set the pace for new outcomes for the land in Lagos. With its niche offering and a strong movement towards reforming the land market, LandSNG is poised to shape the future of the industry. They provide the Nigerians the right information and a secured platform for interactions among land owners, agents and buyers.

You can get information on lands under government acquisitions, lands with revoked certificate of occupancy, and lands released by excision to communities or families around the location of your choice by using the filter and drop-down menu on the homepage or at the top right side of other pages. Select the State and Area you are interested in, and then, using the Parcel Name drop-down menu select the name of land that closely match the name of the location of the land you are interested in.

About LandSNG:

The Largent non-governmental database for land and property records in Nigeria. It includes a patented tool for creating land survey boundaries on a map. At LandSNG you can get direct information on legal status of lands in and around the location of your interest. You can also create polygon version of the land you are interested in on a map, allowing you to crosscheck the location of the land to locations of government acquired lands or lands released by excision to communities. For more information visit here :