When someone passes away, their estate needs to be managed in order to tie up their affairs. This can sometimes be taken care of by relatives or the executors named in the will, if one has been made. Probate solicitors, like Andrew & Andrew, can also become involved at this point to provide clear legal support during difficult times.

[PORTSMOUTH. 31/05/19] There are situations where people choose to employ probate solicitors, like Andrew & Andrew, to help them through the process. This might be in order to relieve the family of the burden of administering the estate or because the estate is particularly complex. It’s also possible for someone to name a professional firm of probate solicitors, like Andrew & Andrew, as one of the executors in the will.

Engaging Andrew & Andrew as probate solicitors will incur additional costs. These can often be taken care of by the proceeds of the estate. It is worth the investment to see the various legal and taxation issues taken care of efficiently and securely so that no issues arise at a later date.

Probate solicitors Andrew & Andrew and disputes

There are lots of reasons why the distribution of an estate might be disputed by the beneficiaries or those that think they should have been a beneficiary. Andrew & Andrew can help mediate such disputes when acting as a probate solicitors. It is far less costly on an emotional and financial level to reach an equitable agreement with the help of Andrew & Andrew than it is to wait and go to court.

Probate solicitors and intestacy

It is far less complicated if someone makes a will with Andrew & Andrew before they die. If they do not, the estate is subject to the laws of intestacy. Probate solicitors, like Andrew & Andrew, can explain how the proceeds of the estate will be divided according to these laws.

Someone can make a claim that is contrary to the normal processes of intestacy but there is no guarantee of success and the various issues involved can be complex. Probate solicitors, like Andrew & Andrew, can act on behalf of interested parties in cases like these.