At a recent launch event, organized by the official maintainer company of the ASTPP, the community leader uncovered various interesting facts. Also, the brand new and much more advanced version of ASTPP is launched. This new version is named as the ASTPP 4.0. The community has also changed the full form of the ASTPP which was Asterisk To Post Paid billing system to A Smart TelePhony Platform.

As per the shared details by the community leader, the ASTPP is completely transformed in this version. It has way more enhanced features, newly introduced modules as well as a completely new business model.

“ASTPP has been in the industry for almost 16 years and now it is the time for it to showcase its full potential, not only because it deserves it, but also because it must benefit existing and future users of the ASTPP. This is the beginning of a new revolution which is going to touch the new summits of success in the history of VoIP and Telco industry at the international level. We are excited and thrilled to see many more businesses grow faster with usage of the ASTPP 4.0”, shared Samir Doshi, Community Leader ASTPP & Cofounder of the official maintainer company of the ASTPP.

The newly launched version of ASTPP 4.0 is more secure, flexible, scalable, robust and secure. It has eliminated many common challenges faced by the businesses in its earlier versions. Also, it has made many operations swift and fast to help businesses with easy management and increased productivity. The ASTPP: A Smart TelePhony Platform has various brand new features which are supposed to bring big changes in the operations of businesses in a positive sense. Some of the revolutionary features introduced in the ASTPP 4.0 are listed below:

• Product module to take care of all different types of services, solutions, etc.
• Add-ons to add additional features in the ASTPP without disturbing the core code of the central system. This protects unnecessary hiccups otherwise introduced each time a new version of ASTPP gets launched
• More extensive reseller module to support different types of resellers in the business
• More consolidated security at different points in the system
• And many more

As per the shared details, the ASTPP 4.0, alone, is enough to run any type of business. One can run all different types of businesses with this system.

The ASTPP also has an enterprise version now. The ASTPP enterprise version users will get some more add-ons as well as some value added services which are not available in the ASTPP open source solution. As per the shared details, this enterprise version is introduced to take care of the increasing expenses in the process of maintaining and developing an open source system. However, the community aka open source version will be available and will have regular updates.

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