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At a Glance!
Start-Up: Wooden Street
Founders: Lokendra Ranawat, Virendra Ranawat
Year It was Founded: 2015
Location: Udaipur
Section: Furniture E-Commerce

Unique Selling Point: Custom Made Furniture

A kitchen is not only a place to cook, but it is also a place of real pleasure for those who love to cook. That is why they need furniture that goes completely well with the entire theme of the kitchen, no matter whether it is a small furniture design like that of a kitchen trolley.

Wooden Street has thus commenced a ravishing range of kitchen trolley designs with every thematic. There are kitchen carts that hold varied traits within them. Some have folding tables; some have slider shelves, some have drawers while some are drilled with holders at the sides.

Each of the kitchen trolley design is available with the durability of sheesham wood and mango wood in two fabulous finishes of honey and teak.

With the difference in designs of each of the kitchen trolleys, Wooden Street excels at giving the most of uniqueness with its diversity of different designs. Some of them are expressed right below:

Industrial Kitchen Trolley
An industrial kitchen trolley design is one that balances itself completely with both wood and metal. Wooden Storage, surrounded by metal frames makes it a complete industrial design.

The epitome of it is Neptuna Loft Kitchen Trolley from Wooden Street. This kitchen trolley design holds a storage area in the form of open boxes. These wooden boxes are surrounded by metal frames with metal wheels beneath.

Thus, it turns out to be an industrial kitchen trolley design that is subtly beautiful.

Contemporary Kitchen Trolley
Contemporary kitchen trolley designs are among the most delicately and beautifully carved kitchen trolley designs. Obeying to the trend of the present day, these kitchen trolley designs are forged in the most exclusive way.

One such example of it is Nedra kitchen trolley design from Wooden Street. This kitchen trolley design has shelves with a curve to make it rather different in appearance.

Also, there is a wooden grain pattern all over, which adds to the beauty of it. These little twists make it an example of contemporary design.

Modern Kitchen Trolley
For a kitchen that completely sticks to the trends of the present day, there are so many kitchen trolley designs that are utterly modish. For instance, Wooden Street has Sonic kitchen trolley, which is one of the examples of a modern kitchen trolley design from its collection.

This kitchen trolley has shelves in a slated pattern, and the wine rack beneath with another shelf makes it functional and appealing. The drawers are subtly made with just a curve for handles.

There is a slight wooden grain pattern over it, which makes it look more captivating and an example of a modern kitchen trolley design.

Rustic Kitchen Trolley
Rustic kitchen trolley design is a chic design that can be best used in places like a farmhouse or an outdoor party.

A kitchen trolley design like Toronto kitchen trolley from Wooden Street is a rustic piece with the summation of wood with metal. Moreover, what makes it a rustic kitchen trolley design is the cross at its sides with black metal. So, a contrast of honey and mahogany finish with wooden and metal kitchen trolley makes it an example of a rustic kitchen trolley design.

The range of kitchen trolleys with so many designs does not just end here. There is still a wide range waiting for a gaze. Wooden Street also offers “customization” services so that one gets the perfect kitchen trolley for their home.

For further information, you can contact Wooden Street at 91-9314444747 to serve you 24*7.

These are some of the kitchen trolley designs with different thematic as per every aura to choose from.