Each ten cushion client knows the issue when the TENS unit cushions lose their stickiness. On the off chance that you don’t have premium quality TENS cushions like SantaMedical, Gurin and others then your issues may begin even before they loosen up your muscles. In any case, whatever is the quality the glue is destined to go into blankness. Be that as it may, a couple of things should be possible so as to bring back the stickiness. It is much simpler however to simply endeavor to draw out their life.
The strategies that you can use to expand the stickiness of the gel are:
1. Wipe with a Damp fabric: The primary explanation behind misfortune in stickiness is collection of residue and oil from your skin on the cushions. Cleaning with a dry clammy fabric will expel it.
2. Utilize an Electrode gel: Spray the cathode gel on the cushions and rub the cushions together to recover its stickiness. you can without much of a stretch discover these gels on Amazon.
3. Get new cushions: New cushions ought to be utilized following couple of months relying on the use. Make sure to purchase cushions with Premium Gels as they stick for longer like SantaMedical Electrode Pads.
Aside from these some home cures should be possible so as to extend the life of your cushion’s glue.
1. Take a little paint brush and apply clean water from it on the cushions. enable it to dry and the Electrode unit cushions may hold some stickiness. In the event that you erroneously connected excessively, at that point keep it in a cool spot.
2. Continuously store them in the holder given by the Manufacturer. A trap is to keep them in a fixed sack so as to keep up their stickiness.
3. You can likewise utilize a hand sanitizer rather than water to build the stickiness of the cushions.
Continuously recall that a Premium and great quality Electrode Pads will last more. For most extreme advantage the cushions ought to be supplanted after at regular intervals as the terminals lose their conductivity which will hamper the exchange of current to the body.