The European Piano Academy has always aimed to make piano lessons accessible to all and inculcate a deep love for music and piano among its students. Originally founded by Illya Zozulya in Sydney, the academy has expanded to the suburbs too.

The team of professional teachers at the European Piano Academy aim to make a difference in the world of piano teaching by employing the best traditions of Russian and European piano teaching methods. Contrary to the common norm that piano learning is for kids only, the Academy offers classes for adults too.

Piano Lessons for Adults at European Piano Academy
Many adults take piano lessons to utilise their leisure time. Some others take these classes to improve their focus, memory and concentration; since piano playing develops the brain and the mind. The European Piano Academy offers piano lessons for both, adult beginners as well as experienced ones.

A blend of the Russian and European methodologies, the piano lessons focus on developing the following key aspects of piano playing:

  1. General Technique – The technique to use and control the fingers in order to play a musical composition is of prime importance in piano playing. The professional teachers at the academy draft piano exercises to help them develop finger strength and agility.
  2. Reading Rhythms and Notes – Adult piano lessons offered by EPA are designed to effectively enhance the skills needed to read and differentiate the notes and rhythms in all the pieces being played. The teachers ensure that the progress is effortless and quick.
  3. Tone and Harmony – To progress quickly in piano playing, it is necessary for students to understand tonality and harmony. With guidance from experienced teachers, the adults will be able to grasp the concepts easily and quickly.

The teachers at EPA are qualified to deliver piano lessons to kids, beginners, adults and advanced players. The academy ensures a cumulative development of the technique of piano playing while training the mind for it. The academy also focuses on inducing a love for music among the students by giving their heart and soul to the instrument.

Free Introductory Class
The academy believes in offering customised lessons to all students. All students are offered a free introductory class where the skills and requirements of the student are evaluated. Based on this information, the teachers draft a custom lesson plan for the students, ensuring quick learning and development.

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About European Piano Academy
Established by the eminent pianist Illya Zozulya, the European Piano Academy offers professional piano lessons for all ages and students. The students can also avail professional piano lessons at the comfort of their home.

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